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The return procedures for the damaged, wrong-delivered products.

Submit the Return Inquiry Form.
→Receive the “Confirmation of Return Request” email.
→Refer to the return’s method specified on the email and return the product.
→Receive the replacement /refunds.

Please carefully read the warnings below before submitting in the Return Inquiry Form.

Please revise the email reception setting.

Your devices’ security system may block the email from us. Please check your security settings and make sure you could receive the email from us. Thank you so much for your cooperation.

We might have to keep you wait due to the time difference and business hours. If you do not receive the Confirmation of Return Request in two business days, please directly contact us at the email address above.

*Please enter the product name specified in ITEM column of your invoice.

    The name of the product you wish to return *
    The product number of the product you wish to return *
    The reason for returning
    Preferred return Procedure
    Order number *
    Your Name *
    Email Address *
    Email Address (for confirmation) *
    Phone Number *
    Please enter with half-width characters
    Please enter from the national number, with half-width numbers, without the hyphens.

    The personal information you enter will be used for the purpose of answering inquiries.
    Please check the privacy policy regarding the handling of personal information

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